We're a community

More than anything WingZ is a community. Businesses join us to accomplish more, grow, diversify their network, support generosity, share knowledge, and finally create a positive impact on their local economy.

Our story

We are big fans of shopping locally, we love the sense of uniqueness and character. Local businesses represent the culture of every community, they are the backbone of its economy and the main source of job creation and innovation.

WingZ was born to support local businesses and help them strengthen their local economy. Over the years we’ve thought of just everything required to fulfill this mission. We are now here to invite more people to say YES to shopping locally.

Our vision

Local is our future! Small businesses should have access to the right tools and connections to unlock their full potential. Being able to circulate your money in your local economy means a lot more business, more jobs, and more wealth. Together we will unlock the true power of your local business.

Join the

Together we are changing the way we spend from profiting a few to benefitting all, let’s buy local.